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Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

OGC offers its wide range of services to mining companies, investors, and government sector interested in exploiting mining opportunities in the country. OGC furnishes full-service mine management consultation, resource and reserve estimation, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies - geotechnical, geological, geophysical, geo-hydrological services and environmental studies including social and economic impact assessment- mine planning and design, mine facility planning and design, and project and construction management mining engineering, services. These services, in addition to our local presence and familiarity with local culture, enhance the security and competitive position of developing projects and existing mines throughout Afghanistan.

Why OGC?

We have long term local presence - In-House Laboratories - High Level of Technical Expertise - Practical Solutions – Responsive

OGC has in-house rock mechanics, soil mechanics, petrography, and geochemistry laboratories that provide project pertinent material characteristics and property testing.

  • Mineral Exploration
  • Exploration Project Management
  • Exploration and Drilling Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental and Social Services
  • Analysis
  • Rock Mechanic Engineering and Slope Stability
  • Remote Sensing & Geophysical Studies
  • Petrography & Mineralogy Studies
  • Resource Modeling and Estimation
  • Ventilation Design in Tunnel & Gallery
  • Transportation Management in Mining Activities
  • Surface & Underground Water Management
  • Design of Support System
  • Risk Management
  • Geotechnical for Infrastructure
  • Open Pit Mining
  • Underground Mining
  • Mineral Processing
  • Instrumentation in Opening & Underground Mines(Gas, Settlement, Pressure, Slope..)


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