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Inspection and Testing Services

Providing super quality control, we offer clients with accurate results needed for design and specification. We offer the following professional Field Inspection and Testing Services

  • In-Place Density Test by Nuclear Method For Soils,Aggregates, and Asphalt – AASHTO T3101, ASTMD69381, ASTM D2950
  • Soil Sampling and Drilling with Geotechnical drilling Rigs for all Building Site
  • Test Pit Excavation and Soil Sampling
  • SPT Field Test (ASTM D-1586) and Split Spoon sampling, Every 0.75 Meter in Borings
  • Field Percolation Test (AED Design)
  • Field Plate Load Test (ASTM D 1196 - AASHTO T 222)
  • Field Density of Soil by Sand Cone Method (FDT) (ASTM D-1556)
  • Static Axial Compressive Load test for  Deep Foundations(ASTM D1143 / D1143M)
  • Low-Strain Dynamic Pile Lntegrity Test (ASTM D4945-00)
  • Soil Observation, Testing and Inspection
  • Concrete Testing and Field Inspection
  • Cement/Mortar Testing and Field Inspection
  • Asphalt/Bitumen Testing and Lnspection
  • Testing and Inspection of Roads & Buildings construction Projects
  • Structural Masonry Examination/Testing
  • Structural Steel Examination/Testing
  • Water Resource Study by Geophysical Methods
  • Deep Water Well Drilling by Percussion and Mud Rotary Methods

Supported by our top level management, our staffs are leaders in a range of technical areas, covering the full spectrum of the geotechnical discipline, by focusing on value engineering.

Goal: Geotechnical testing provides supporting data and represents a key component in over 400 investigations we have conducted, including site characterization; seismic (earthquake) studies; evaluations of soil settlement, expansive soil behavior, soil collapse potential, ground subsidence, landslide,  slope stability, moisture intrusion; and performance assessments for dams, roads, highways, airports, mining and other structures.


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