Hydrology Study

OGC undertakes a range of hydrological and hydrogeological surveys with the intent to study the natural and built environment. OGC’s comprehensive hydrology services include early-stage field investigations to detail design to long-term monitoring OGC Hydrological services include:

  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Surface Water
  • Rivers and Flood Channels
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Well Logging
  • Hydrologic Modeling and Analysis

Recent work in model development has created graphical, interactive systems for water resource management. Our team makes stream flow forecasting and analysis of reservoir operations easy for operators and planners.

  • Investigation of Collected Hydrologic Information and Reports of Area
  • Investigation of Hydrometric Data Such as: Discharges, Flood, Sediment and Water Quality and Correction, Completion and Prolongation
  • Investigation of Monthly and Yearly Mean Discharges and Drawing Rivers Discharge Hydrographs in Hydrometric Stations
  • Investigation of Rivers Flood Data in Hydrometric Stations
  • Network of Hydrometric Stations
  • An Estimate of the Project Design Flood (PMF), Flood of a Return Period of 25 Years Generated from the Log Pearson Type III Analysis at 95% Upper Confidence Limit

Hydro-Geological Service

OGC is a leading service provider for Hydro Geological Services in the country. In hydro geological studies, observations are made about geology and types of aquifers, surface water bodies, drainage pattern, yields, quality and representative hydraulic parameters governing water regime of any given area. In this survey, response of rainfall pattern is studied on water level fluctuation & total quantity added by rainfall in the upper unconfined aquifer annually. Our objective is to provide tailored services designed to meet the specific needs of each client and their project. Our technical reports enable customers to decide whether to proceed with drilling projects.

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