River Engineering

River engineering is the process of planned human intervention in the course, characteristics or flow of a river with the intention of producing some defined benefit. People have intervened in the natural course and behavior of rivers since before recorded history – to manage the water resources, to protect against flooding or to make passage along or across rivers easier. OGC engineers, being aware of the importance of the river’s role in the process of sustainable development and exploitation of the water resources in Afghanistan, established the River Engineering Department. Rivers have key role in supplying the required water for the different purposes and demands, especially in the irrigation and agriculture projects. The complexity in the nature of the rivers necessitates developing of custom numerical codes for simulation of hydraulic behavior of rivers. OGC is powerful in numerical code development using state-of-the-art computational and programming techniques. A major experience in this relation is the codes developed for dam break analysis of dam. The main services rendered by this department are as the following:

  • Riverbed and Floodplain Studies and Flood Map Production
  • Sedimentation and Sediment Removal
  • Erosion Control and River Bed and Embankment Establishment
  • Rivers and Conveyance System Hydraulic Modeling
  • Development of Especial Hydraulic Models
  • Design of Structural and Non-Structural River Training Methods
  • Dam Break Simulation and Evaluation
  • Morphological Changes Modeling in Rivers
  • Development of Flood Warning Systems
  • Expertise in Application of the State-of-the-Art Software Tools in River Engineering
  • Efficient use of GIS and RS technologies in River Engineering Projects

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