Irrigation & Drainage

Growing population and increasing demands for agricultural products make it indispensable to utilize the latest methods and technologies in food production, especially application of modern irrigation networks and drainage systems and their upgrading (improvement) and development. Accordingly, OGC Consulting Engineers committed itself to make use of regional as well as international experts to help clients overcome their potential and existing problems regarding the development of irrigation systems. The main topics services rendered by the department of irrigation and drainage is as following:

  • Agricultural, Animal, Husbandry, and Socio-economic Studies
  • Design, Operation and Management Practices of Diversion Dams, Canals, Intakes, and Other Hydro-Structures of Irrigation Networks
  • Development of Simulation Tools in Water Distribution Modeling of Irrigation Systems
  • Application of GIS and RS in Assessment and Operation of Irrigation Systems
  • Application of the State-of-the-Art Tools and Technologies in the Management and Operation of Irrigation Systems

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